Pilot training for Private, Commercial, Instructor, Light sport, Gyrocopter and Microlight licenses

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Flying as a hobby or a profession is something some people only dream of. There is no better way to explore the world and get a whole new perspective than from the air. Getting your pilot’s licence gives you a sense of freedom like no other along with which comes a great feeling of accomplishment.

Aerosport is a flying school based in Cape Town and offers the perfect environment to learn to fly, with a variety of options from gaining a private pilot’s license to flying for fun. Conveniently located at Fisantekraal, even novices can enrol.

How to enrol in flying school

Once you’ve decided that you want to get started with flying, your first step is to get an aviation medical before you sign up for a PPL or Private Pilot’s License. If your goal is recreational flying, you can complete the specified hours of flying accompanied by ground instruction followed by your flight test before you are ready to fly. If you are keen on becoming a commercial pilot, you can continue your training in a commercial training organization.

What aircrafts are available at Aerosport?

Generally, the Cessna is the most widely used training aircraft as it is easy to fly. Rising fuel prices have made the Ultralight and Microlight aircraft more popular for those who want PPL training. These use regular fuel and not aviation fuel, which is expensive. At Aerosport, we have a variety of light aircrafts and focus on sport aviation. Microlight flights is one of the most preferred adventure activities in South Africa thanks to our wonderful weather that makes more flying hours possible. It is an exciting way to get an aerial view of the beautiful landscape and terrain. The regulatory requirements for aspiring pilots are also minimal.

What can you expect when you fly for the first time?

When you are up in the air for the first time, you get a chance to feel how it is like to operate the aircraft’s control, under the supervision of a trained and experienced instructor. Starting from the time you taxi off the runway after basic instructions, you will enjoy the pleasure of being in the skies, experiencing the aircraft’s controls.

If you are wondering how long it will take you to get your PPL, this will depend on your own learning skills. Luckily, since the weather in Cape Town is good most of the time, the duration of your flight training will be the time it takes you to feel absolutely comfortable in the aircraft, manoeuvring it.

If you are eager to fly, why not get in touch with us at the Aerosport airfield where you can get a better idea of our Cape Town flying school?

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