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You are overhead Swellendam with a Compass HDG 03o°, Compass Dev +2. The wind drift is 10° to the right and variation is 22°W. What is the Track Made Good?
Your airplane is overhead Bloemfontein at FL070 and climbing to FL180 at a mean rate of climb of 600fpm. CAS is 160kts and temperature deviation is ISA +10°C. What is the mean TAS on the climb?
An aircraft fliew from A to B in 2h 20min. The distance is 588nm and TAS is 288kts. In order to fly from B to A on the return flight in 2h 27min, what must the TAS be for the return flight?

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MAP to Aerosport Aerosport is located at Wintervogel Airfield Northeast of Cape Town, North of Durbanville near Klipheuwel.

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