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Planes vs Zombies

The Top Three Planes for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

 Globally 2017 has been quite the year already the logical conclusion is that we will have some sort of uprising of the undead. “What can we do about it though?” you ask while trembling in fear. Learn how to fly, of course!

There is no better way to escape the hordes of mindless killers than flying off to safety. And this is why I have compiled a list of the best GA aeroplanes to operate during the Zombie apocalypse. Yes all three that I have chosen are part of Aerosport’s fleet. Me? Biased? No never!

1. The Aquilla Trike

Aquila means eagle in Latin. When you think of an eagle soaring through the sky you are more likely to imagine a fancy German glider or a patriotic American fighter jet, not a South African built

The Short Dirt Strip to Freedom

open cockpit weight-shift microlight with a two-stroke engine that allows it to buzz through the air at a modest 60mph.

What the Aquila is though is freedom. It is amazingly affordable, easy to fly and relatively inconspicuous. Once you are well trained you can take the Trike off the trailer, assemble it and be in the air in 30 minutes! Their website totes it as being great for Cropspraying/Chemical Application (read Flamethrower application), Farming and Ranching (read Fleeing and Running), Game Spotting and Counting (read.. Spotting and Counting?!)

You wont get far fast – this is not a serious transport machine – but it is a fun  and practical machine through and through.

You will require a Weight Shift NPL to manhandle this kite away from clasping dead hands.

2. The Savannah XL

Recently Adrian and his wife Narrowly Escaped normal life for a picnic. Obviously a dry-run for the apocalypse..

Now this is a rugged little thing. I have recently started to fly the little Sav more often and it is really growing on me. I spoke with one of our old students who now flies in Anti-Poaching and conservation missions up in Africa with the Savannah and it sounds like this aerie is proving itself as an unstoppable, unflappable little beast. Their Sav is decked out with bulletproof floor panels and lands on unprepared strips on a regular basis.

The stall speed is a laughable 30mph with flaperons down, STOL takeoff is 35m and landing is 50m which means you can get in and out of sticky situations very easily – perfect for anti-poaching or zombie-poaching! The Cabin is beautifully simple as well; no Carb Heat, Mixture control so  you can concentrate on more important things like the swarm of undead approaching your 35 meter long take off area.

You will require a Light Sport NPL to escape the Zombie Hordes in this Machine.



3. The Cessna 172 

This stable-as-a-table General Aviation favourite is an absolute no-brainer. Born in 1955 the general design has remained quite unchanged throughout its history. This Cessna, unlike its beefier and more slippery family members, is amazingly forgiving which makes it perfect for the rough handling expected during your run of the mill Armageddon. Need to lift a couple of boxes of undisclosed supplies? Take the passenger seats out! You need to throw said supplies down to your comrades below? Take the doors off! The options are endless!

Yes sure, if you can’t fit your friends and family into a 1959 Mini Cooper you probably won’t be able to fit them all in a C172 but hey that means more survival resources for you, right?

You will require a Private Pilot License to be able to legally fly this machine during the apocalypse.

Luke Rolfe, mistaking Friday afternoon Mall patrons as the undead, escaped for the weekend in ZS-MDF

At this point I can hear all our Gyrocopter Jockeys yelling expletives for not being mentioned, so I will finish this article with a self explanatory picture of CEO Louis van Wyk from his earlier flying days.

Yep that is Louis

~Sebastian Chennells

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