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Your engine is a birds nest!

In December, my fiancé and I took a trip in ZS-SCE through South Africa and Botswana. Our intention was to travel as far as Lusaka, Zambia before making our way back. Unfortunately, the weather in the region was poor at the time, with a low cloud base […]

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Three Rules of the Surfer Pilot

Three Rules of the Surfer Pilot

Surfing and flying are both beautiful and challenging pursuits that are best enjoyed in South Africa’s blue skies or our 2500km stretch of coastline. I consider myself quite lucky to be one of the few who pursue both vocations. I was learning how to surf in the […]

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What is Density Altitude?

Summer is coming, and with it comes hotter weather: Good for the beach performance for you, Bad for aircraft performance. And this poor performance can get very scary. This article is to review the danger of flying on hot days and tips for safer flight decisions on […]

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What can you expect when you fly for the first time?

When you are up in the air for the first time, you get a chance to feel what is is like to operate an aircraft’s controls. You’ll be under the supervision of a trained and experienced pilot instructor.He or she will give you all the information you’ll […]

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Night Flying season is coming

Night Flying Time: Yes, Night Flying season in the Cape Town area is coming, and Aerosport is ready to help you achieve your rating. The season temperatures are increasing and allows for a lesser chance of that pesky fog to prevent you from flying your Night Rating […]

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Train to be a licensed pilot

One of the greatest things about starting your flying career is you are never too old. You are eligible to go on your first solo flight when you are 17 years old and many individuals begin to fly while still at school. Flying schools in Cape Town […]

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Always dreamed of flying? Enrol now!

Flying as a hobby or a profession is something some people only dream of. There is no better way to explore the world and get a whole new perspective than from the air. Getting your pilot’s licence gives you a sense of freedom like no other along […]

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MAP to Aerosport Aerosport Flight Training is located at Fisantekraal Airfield (FAFK) Northeast of Cape Town, near Durbanville.

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